Welcome to the USS Liberty Belle, NX 75033.


Greetings from the Commanding Officer of the USS Liberty Belle, NX 75033, Region 20, STARFLEET International

We are based in Dublin with members both here and in the UK.  As a meeting Chapter we can be found wandering around museums, art galleries, and for the more adventurerous Go-Karting, hiking and camping.  Failing that just sitting around a table with a box of cookes and pots of coffee and tea having a great laugh.

We also have a role-play online on our crew only Facebook page, which is great fun.

Our XO, will be running work shops in Horticulture and jewellery making as well as crafts.

We are a Sovereign Class Ship and our primary mission is  a Diplomatic one.

Come along and say hello in our USS Liberty Belle Ships Lounge or why not considering joining in more Trek fun as a full member of our crew.  More details can be found HERE.


STARFLEET International

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Since 1974, STARFLEET has provided Star Trek fans a way to meet each other, make friends, have fun, give back to their communities, and show that the dream of Gene Roddenberry can live long and prosper.

We are over 4,600 members strong, in over 240 chapters worldwide. Join us! The human adventure is just beginning…



The Rodenberry Foundation

“The Roddenberry Foundation seeks to inspire, create, expand, and support innovative solutions to critical global issues through science, technology, the environment, and humanitarian advances.

Their scientific and technological endeavors are geared towards innovation, discovery, and advancement in cutting edge fields like space exploration, and medicine among others. Their environmental mandate seeks to protect and preserve the diverse natural resources found across our planet.

The Roddenberry Foundation supports and funds education programs that encourage children to work hard and strive to reach their full potential.

Finally, their fourth precept is dedicated to the development of opportunities for communities to thrive by overcoming adversity.”


The Spirit of Trek